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WLKATA Mirobot Robotic Arm Programming and Control

This textbook is free for everyone ! Please sign up to access freely. It is a valuable resource for educators and students, as it not only covers the essential control and programming of the robotic arm, but also provide and course preparation guidance for educators, which is mostly helpful to K9 - K12 high school teachers. The book mainly covers the Kinematics Algorithm of 6-axis Manipulator with various control method including Blockly, Python Programming, ROS-Based Motion Control. The book also covers the SDK of the robot arm and develops robotic visual sorting in OpenCV.

  • This Textbook is Free for Everyone ! Please Sign Up (Register) to Access Freely.

Enjoy your journey into the exciting world of Mirobot robotic arm!
  • Level: K9-K12 and Undergraduate Y1-Y4
  • Suggested Duration:  24 weeks
  • Video Time:  1 hours
  • Author: WLKATA Robotics
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Wlkata Mirobot - 6 Axis Robotic Arm

Course Content

WLKATA Mirobot Robotic Arm Programming and Control

Covers Fundamentals of 6-axis Robotic Arm Programming and Control

A Textbook FREE for Everyone !

Course Preparation Guidance for K9 - K12 High School Teachers


For researchers, university educators, and students who study AI and robotics, WLKATA provides a series of modulated mini-production lines. These laboratory training platforms change the tedious study of algorithms and mechanisms into an interactive, exciting, and practical learning process.

Based on the technologies of Bus-mastering control PLC, open-source API, and desktop robot arms, WLKATA provides an ideal robotics research platform for educators and students in higher educational institutes.